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Association Rwandaise pour la promotion du Développement Intégré (ARDI) is an Organization of support to the basic initiatives which was created in 1982. It was legally registered on June 20th, 1983 which was updated by Ministerial decree No 113/11 of October 7, 2004. ARDI is classified among the first Civil Society organizations established in Rwanda. The motivation of formation intends to support different groups in their integrated development initiatives and has also an objective of examining and shaping projects from grassroots, offering a service of trainings and so much more related

ARDI Purpose

The purpose of ARDI is setting in four pillars respond to the needs of the community for improving they are well-being as following:

1. To contribute to the rural food and nutrition security and WASH improvement.
2. To support the local community to identify their needs and find sustainable solutions through advocacy;
3. To contribute to the rural economic empowerment;
4. To contribute to the improvement of rural livelihoods in Rwanda.

Areas of intervention

In order to specialize and focus its interventions on a limited geographic area and in areas deemed to be priorities in rural development, the Association has decided to limit its intervention to the following areas: • Beekeeping;
• Food security;
• Livestock;
• Environment and Climate change;
• Agri-Nutrition;
• Advocacy and lobbying for beneficiaries.


Api Business Development Company.


Integration of people with physical disability

Integration of people with physical disability, women and youth from vulnerable families, in modern beekeeping, small livestock improves their knowledge, facilitates social cohesion and increases their production and income Kwita ku bafite ubumuga, abagore n’urubyiruko ruturuka mu miryango ikennye, mu bikorwa by’ubworozi bw’inzuki, ubworozi bw’amatungo magufi, bibongerera ubumenyi,ubufatanye n’abandi, bikabongerera umusaruro n’inyungu

ARDI connects beekeeping cooperatives

ARDI connects beekeeping cooperatives to companies invested in distribution and selling of quality beekeeping materials and good market of their honey and other sub products. ARDI ifasha amakoperative y’abavumvu kubona aho bagurira ibikoresho byiza byo mu bworozi bw’inzuki n’aho bagurishiriza umusaruro w’ubuki n’ibibukomokaho

Involvement of ARDI with stakeholders

Involvement of ARDI with stakeholders (MINAGRI-RAB, UR-CAVM, Ho Gent University, TSS Kabutare) in research on agriculture and beekeeping creates new jobs for women and youth Ku bufatanye n’abandi bafatanyabikorwa batandukanye (MINAGRI-RAB, UR-CAVM, Ho Gent University, TSS Kabutare), ARDI ikora mu bushakashatsi ku buhinzi n’ubworozi bw’inzuki byongerera imirimo urubyiruko n’abagore.

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